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About myself
Hello! and welcome to this old notepad made website / data test environment.
My name is Martin, i'm Living in Haren near Groningen-City in a nice home together with my girlfriend and our two sneaky cats (Loki and Floortje)
The daily bussiness is to be an allround mechanic/electrician with some ICT knowledge.
This allround is also practically translated to a lot of time worked at serveral types of (hitech) machines & vehicles.
For example: City-busses, Train safetysystems, Elevators, Production robots, etc.)
The second interest for spare time is Ham-Radio. in combi with computers (Send & Receive data on various ways).
For Education & practical trainig i did: (Year 1997-2006); MSI E-Installation technican level 2, ICT networking education level 4, and one year Security education for persons and buildings level 2.
Right now my daily job involves maintaining (annual checkup) and small issue solving of Nurse-call installations, Alarm-paging or Mandown systems.
This is used in hospitals, retirementhome's or production environments.

In my spare time i like to solve al kind of technical issues, repair or tune classic 80's / 90's cars.
On this site you can see live Noa Weatherdata, radio-info and in some winter months you can fine data from Othernet

(Othernet files depends on the tree's around my home, its.. signal blocking)

Jobs, of the past and now:

2006-2007 Maintenance mechanic at the elektric trains of the Dutch railroads (VIrm/Icm).
2008-2009 Responsible for the daily checks at train diesel engines, Arriva.
2010-2012 Telematica, repair service ICT systems at city busses, Qbuzz.
2012-2013 ICT service and networking windows server 2008, 1st service line helpdesk for 7 small locations, Inter-Psy.
2013-2014 Head technical staff maintenance in an hotel, Postillion Hotel.
2014-2016 Construction changing and repair / install new (try out) sytstems in trains Dutch railroads. Mech/Elect, NedTrain.
2016-2017 Medium range radar, technical staff (training), at the Dutch Airforce.
2017-.... Maintenance Nursecall and alarm systems in hospitals, retirement homes, production envir.

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Gps logging unused
Car repair and hobbyno data..


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